Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Bliss

As summer wraps up, I begin to reflect on the hottest trends in events this season! I am thrilled with the color, flair, chicness and unique options trending right now. Brides across the country, local retail stores and event hostesses are taking chances.

 3k knows how to take chances in the kitchen, out on the town and on the runway! Photo by Red Carpet Sarasota

All these innovative trends have inspired SRQtees to wrap up the summer with a top ten check list! The little black list below will guide you in accessorizing your wedding day, inspire you to add flair to your next occasion and give you confidence to update your wardrobe and/or home.

Enjoy, get inspired and remember, plan with personality!

The Little Black List:

Chevron Prints- You cannot get any simpler than this zig-zag geometric print that is making a mark across the country. Chevron can be found in every color and almost everywhere you turn. I have seen the print on pins, straws, invitations, cakes, bunting banners and in homes. My friend just opted for chevron print curtains and I have my eye on a fabulous rug. Chevron is definitely the perfect pattern to play around with this season!
Chevron pins, created by a friend for a friend. The perfect pairing for a bachelorette & her gals!
Chevron, gray and a bold pink, all the trends in one!
Bold Colors- Take chances while you can! What better way to add a little spice to your outfit or event with color. When you keep it simple and classy, a bright pink or turquoise will pair just perfect. Have the confidence to make a statement, even as we move into fall and winter. Dare to be bold and you will be happy you did!
Designing Daughters kick off the summer, May 2012 at the SYC! Taking a chance with bold colors & successfully creating a breathtaking look. Nikki Taylor of Rock Solid Construction, confidently makes a statement in a hot pink off the shoulder dress. A bold and confident choice! Photo by Naomi Chokr Photography

Ashley Gruters, owner of SRQtees Events, loves to play with color! Photo by Naomi Chokr Photography
Bunting Flags- Chic is back and what better way to express yourself than with an awesome strand of flags. Perfect to hang at a baby shower, intimate ceremony, birthday party, etc. You can even get creative and customize your banner. Many brides are opting to add letters to their banner to create an extra special way to say "Thank You".  Unique and fun for sure!
SRQtees fell in love with bunting early this season in March while day of planning, for the stunning Victoria and James Warren. Maid of Honor (beauty in pink reading) is the creator behind the hanging bunting. This trend is sweeping the nation! Photo by I AM ART
The perfect chapel entrance at the stunning Historic Spanish Point. Bunting flag by The Henley Bunting Company. Photo by I AM ART.
SRQtees Events hosting an end of summer Stella & Dot  party! So happy my friends and mom could make it! Follow the link and shop Ashley Gruters as your hostess!
Chic- Blush and gold tones are hot this season. They are the perfect accent to the shabby chic theme that is drawing in brides across the nation. Hanging chandeliers, lace, crystals and sheers have been the hot decor items this season. Keep it chic, light and airy!

Short Giraffe I spy SRQtees cooki
Dessert Tables- Mini sweet treats displayed on a themed table is the trend. Cake has been replaced with mini bites, jars filled with an assortment of  candy, cookies, truffles, lollicakes and cupcakes. Make a statement at your next event with a dessert table full of options, add fun to go bags and you will have the perfect party favor.


Mini Bites- Appetizers, dinner, dessert and everything in between, mini style! Forget long sit down dinners. Passed small bites in a variety of options is what guests are looking forward to. They fill you up one bite size at a time.

SRQtees screams for the lollicake Queen!
Floating Orbs- Add color and light to any back yard event with colorful floating orbs. They are the perfect touch of color and add a vibrant mood to any party. Whether floating or table side they are definitely a decor item that will cause a buzz amongst guests.

Grey- I am happy to say, "grey is the new black!" What a brilliant idea and neutral color. Anything against grey seems to create the perfect combination. Believe it or not, grey comes in many shades from light to dark and everything in between, you are sure to find the perfect blend. A dark charcoal gray was the top choice this season for linens and everything put on the table just seems to pop. SRQtees favorite combo is grey and hot pink!

Gray pops at Selby Lawn!
Photography- Photographers are booming across the country! There is a creative and innovative group of locals in SRQ that are capturing moments in such an unforgettable way. Keeping to tradition while also adding flair is setting them apart from the rest. The elements of creativity  leave you wanting to capture every moment. Congrats to such a breath of fresh air and unique memories that will last a lifetime. Who is your favorite artist behind the lens?

DIY- SRQtees created mason jar business card holder party favors!
Chicness- How do you define chicness? We continue to come across the word chic, as well as rustic. What does this phenom truly mean in the wedding industry...fashionable, stylish and timeless. Simplicity with a touch of flair! Keep your event organic, rustic and earthy by accessorizing accordingly. It is all about the details and final touches that bring together the chic feeling. What is great about chic, is that every bride can express themselves according to their loves and style, while also adding a touch of the traditional pieces. SRQtees believes this combination is responsible for creating a timeless look. How do you define chic?

Mason Jars- Need we say more! Mason jars are everywhere and boy are they a hot item. Who would think, a simple jar that you can find for less than one dollar. SRQtees brainstorms every day, what can we do next with a mason jar and this is what we have decided to create so far; party favors, drinking glasses, flower arrangements, hanging candle holders, recipes in a jar, spice jars, herb gardens, storage, chandeliers, picture frames and a personal favorite, chalk board jars. Recently SRQtees found mason jar wine, martini and margarita glasses locally at Pickles & Ponytails (a local boutique that also monograms everything, see basket pictured above), brilliant! Chic, fun and so many options when you opt for a mason jar for your party trend! Please share your DIY mason jar creations...?


Until next time,

Ashley Lauren Gruters

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